General Manager

If you are an entrepreneurial professional who meets the following criteria, thrive on challenges, aspire to create value for your team and for yourself while being in charge of your destiny, this opportunity may be for you. We are a group that values high integrity, open-mindedness, creativity, hands-on leadership, and desire to succeed in a non-political business environment, among others. An operationally-focused private investment firm, is looking for an experienced entrepreneurial executive to lead one of its holdings located in Van Wert Ohio. This individual needs to thrive by creating value in the mid-market manufacturing industry and needs to be driven by accomplishments, and aspires to partake in the value-creation process as an operating partner of our group.
Must have a successful track record of having:
Led and operated a $20mm to $50mm manufacturing business with high profitability performance.
Grown and diversified a business in new channels/markets with new product applications and products.
Led the development and the commercialization of new products and services.
Recruited and built a high performance management team.
Developed and instilled a culture of organizational excellence and teamwork.
Accelerating personal net worth through aggressive performance bonuses and earned equity.
Must possess and be able to utilize effectively the following:
Leadership and team-building - recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent.
Critical thinking and problem-solving - formulating and implementing strategy.
Verbal and written communication - articulating with clarity and persuasion.
Entrepreneurial - resilience, focus, selling, learning, resourcefulness.
Bachelors Degree in Engineering, or Business with emphasis in manufacturing and product development.
Relevant experience with P&L responsibility as a general manager of a manufacturing business with cross-functional integration between sales, marketing, customer service, engineering, plant operations, and production.
Must be able to successfully transfer skills and experience into a new business environment that possesses:
A good team with a good record in pursuing best practices.
Operational strengths in manufacturing industrial tool storage products with excellent reputation.
Opportunities to leverage existing core competencies in new channels and markets.
Growth opportunities through product line extensions and new products for new markets.
Cross-functional integration challenges.
Compensation: Based on experience. This position will pay very well as it is a vital role within the organization.

Don't Be Fooled

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