Value Stream Supervisor - (J284417)

Responsibility for leading operation of one or more plant value streams. Ensures a safe work environment, drive quality improvements, develop a qualified workforce, reduce operating costs, inventories and lead times through continuous improvements. Oversee day-to-day activities to meet daily, monthly, quarterly and annual expectations.
This position leads the plant value stream(s) in daily operations and continuous improvements, which include but are not limited to: supply chain, production control, manufacturing priorities and coordination between all shifts in the value stream.
1. Ensuring and encouraging a safe working environment by promoting safety and environmental compliance with all safety rules and procedures
2. Aligning shift schedules to include work station assignments/rotations, employee vacations, employee breaks, training/coaching production line employees, and overtime assignments.
3. Create the basis for continuous improvement and employee empowerment by ensuring that standardized work and processes are followed, needed adjustments are implemented and the area is compliant.
4. Instill and maintain a positive team atmosphere in the Value Stream(s); hold regular team meetings and assign team member tasks and coordinate support activities from departments outside of the team.
5. Provide effective cross training for Value Stream employees and backups from other value streams to assure the continuous smooth running of the value stream.
6. Responsible for
a. supervision and professional development of a group of up to 50 associates
b. continual improvement of productivity of the value stream
c. recognizing where and when improvements are necessary, and initiating the appropriate corrective action
d. capacity planning for the Value Stream to ensure schedule attainment and customer satisfaction
1. Bachelor's degree preferred
2. 3- 5 years' management or supervisory experience
3. Sufficient background in accounting, PC skills, manufacturing, human resource management and inventory control.
4. Demonstrated teamwork and teambuilding skills. Ability to assess and develop individual and team skills and capabilities. Able to create and maintain enthusiasm for challenges. Serve as model by promoting safety, new ideas and positive change.
5. Good written and verbal communication skills.
6. Preferred experience with Lean Manufacturing activities.

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