Quality Engineer - (K285714)

Provide quality support to department as it relates to all aspects of oil seal manufacturing.
1. Determine principle defects by cost, quantity and attribute. Analyze data and determine causal factors to assist other functions in developing corrective action.
2. Assist area manager in preparing and establishing procedures and policies for the improvement of the plant quality system.
3. Assist in capability studies on both present and new equipment.
4. Assist in-plant audits for compliance of all functions to internal, group and corporate policies and procedures as related to quality. Also, assist in product audits to insure compliance to specification.
5. Review new product specifications and changes to existing specifications and advise as to the plant's ability to copy; review gages and masters of a new product for specification changes prior to production.
6. Analyze customer complaints and determine corrective action required.
7. Establish effective training for supervision and operators as required to quality.
8. Provide assistance to vendors to clarify specifications and resolve complaints. Also conduct quality system reviews at vendor facilities.
9. Position has the responsibility and authority for quality commensurate with the accountabilities of the job description.
10. Use proven problem solving techniques to evaluate and improve manufacturing processes.
11. Organize quality teams when needed, as they relate to quality improvements and scrap reduction.
12. Provide assistance to suppliers to clarify specifications and resolve complaints. Assist in conducting quality system reviews at supplier facilities.
EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in technical related field or high school diploma with required experience
Five years manufacturing experience

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